【New Apartment】PARK HOMES Hatsudai The Residence💛| in Shibuya-ku|


The other day, I went to Hatsudai on business, so I took a walk around the much talked about PARK HOMES Hatsudai The Residence( This is soooo hot apartment!!!!! ). I actually walked from Hatsudai Station, so I’ll tell you how it went. So here you go!

South Exit of Hatsudai-Sta.

So, here I am at Hatsudai Station.
After exiting the ticket gates of Hatsudai Station, head to the left (South Exit), and this is what you see when you exit the South Exit. There is a shopping street on the right, but this is the one with the greenway.

Just outside the south exit of Hatsudai Station, there’s a greenway right in front of you!

This is what the south entrance looks like on the left side of the main street (along Route 20).

How to get to the construction site from the station (Route 20)

This time, let’s head to the site from the direction of Route 20. At the end of the street, turn right and you’ll see a slight narrowing (like this), go straight here.

Walk straight towards the bus stop. When you turn right at the bus stop, the property will be on your left, and the main entrance will be on the street. (It only takes about a minute to get here.) But first, take a look at the construction along the main street (Route 20). It looks like this.

This is the tower parking side. There’s a good amount of west sun coming in.
Now, let’s finally head towards the main entrance.

Walk along this narrow road. The width of the road is about 4 meters. It’s narrow.
On the left side is Park Homes Hatsudai The Residence, and Type A on the southwest side has a 14-story condominium in front of it, so the view from the balcony on the southwest side doesn’t look promising. However, Type A also has a balcony on the northwest side, so I wonder if this side will be a bit more open. (I’m worried about the metropolitan highway…)
If you go straight further…


I arrived, the main entrance area! I can’t tell at all clearly! (laughs)
So I’d like to take a photo from the greenway side. (Please compare it with the photo on the official website.

It’s going to be a condo along a lovely greenway that I’m sure everyone will want! (I waana buy it!)

This is what the southeast side of the construction site looks like, except for Type A, where the lower floors look nice Green!

And here’s what it looks like from the southeast balcony side. It’s probably two stories high, and the eaves are lined up. But it’s nice, and it’s definitely relaxing.
By the way, the southeast side of the construction site looks like this.

As for the noise, I can hear the train from the air exit of the greenway because the Keio-New-line runs underneath. But I don’t feel it’s too loud. It doesn’t seem to be directly under the property, but I’m wondering if the vibration is transmitted or not.

Incidentally, the traffic on the National Highway 20 side and the Metropolitan Expressway side is still quite heavy, so the sound is noisy. If you open the windows, not only the noise but also the exhaust gas may bother some people. There’s nothing we can do about it.

However, on the greenway side, I didn’t feel the noise from the Route 20 side and the Metropolitan Expressway side that much. Compared to the residential area, I can feel the sound, but it’s smaller than I imagined. It’s strange. Maybe it was just muffled by the construction noise.

How to get to the station from the construction site (along the greenway)

Now let’s walk along the greenway from the construction site to the Hatsudai Station side.

There are so many pretty flowers, plants, and trees, it’s perfect for a walk! Especially in the mornings, it looks nice to walk around here. There are also benches. There is also a (not very clean) toilet…just in case.
In no time at all, we were at Hatsudai Station.

My Impressions

I think it takes less than two minutes if you walk along the greenway. It might be tougher with high heeled shoes, though.

By the way, I didn’t take any pictures this time (I didn’t have much time, but rather I just spent too much time looking at the construction site and didn’t take any pictures), but there are Park Homes Hatsudai and Park Luxe Hatsudai along the shopping street (on the right side of the south exit of Hatsudai Station). It’s a great place to live because it blends in with the city and is quiet as well.

There are no supermarkets between Hatsudai Station and the property, but there is an OK Mart nearby, so I feel that a bicycle would be convenient for daily use. You don’t have to go through the main street, but you can go along the greenway, so it’s not dangerous.

The elementary school (Hatashiro Elementary School) and Shibuya-ku Office Hatsudai Branch Office are also close by, and the Yoyogi Police Station and Yoyogi Post Office are within walking distance. It’s a nice location. Nice.

Of course, there’s Opera City♡, which has restaurants and other stores, so you won’t have any trouble finding places to eat and drink for everyday use. It’s really convenient, and I think you’ll enjoy it every day.

By the way, I am already enjoying it. I already feel like a resident even though I haven’t purchased the house yet. haha The area around the property, especially on the south side, is a green road, so if you don’t like insects, the lower floors might be hard for you. I’m a little worried.

Future Expectations

It seems that Shibuya-ku has a greenway project in the works. It’s called the “Tamagawa josui old waterway greenway redevelopment plan”. Does this mean that it will be developed in the future and become a more livable environment? I’m so excited!

Incidentally, when I was researching the redevelopment plan for the Tamagawa josui old waterway greenway, I found a concise summary by Nishihara Master, the most famous blogger from Shibuya-ku. (Thank you ^^)


So, I’m getting off on a lot of tangents, but the Mitsui brand, the nice CG image of the property, the 2-minute walk from the station (or is it actually less than 2 minutes?), and the “Nishi-Shinjuku 3-Chome West” are all great. And with the “Nishi-Shinjuku 3-Chome West Area Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project” and the “Tamagawa josui old waterway greenway redevelopment plan”, it looks like it’s going to be a great condominium with a lot of elements to look forward to in the future. Of course, we’ll keep watching!

PARK HOMES Hatsudai The Residence official website below

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Thank you for reading to the end. ^^💛